Investment Plan

MHI UK’s Mobile Home Investment Plan was developed as a way for our clients to achieve high returns quickly against small investments.

  • The solution? Investment in mobile home ownership! These are purchased at a discounted cost directly from our trusted manufacturing partners.
  • These manufacturers work with MHI UK to provide units on operating sites to rental tenants throughout the UK, in greater numbers every year, and MHI UK provides the investment solutions as well as the management specialists and other personnel our clients need to gain consistent returns.


How It All Works

MHI UK brings forth a contract with a local authority through one of it’s affiliated partners to provide a mobile home on a site owned and managed by the authority.

MHI UK then arranges for the mobile home to be produced, transported and set up at the site, on a plot prepared by the local authority.

Monthly rent paid by the local authority (not the tenants) gets transferred to the investor – guaranteed.

Name It, We’ve Taken Care Of It

All you need to do is purchase the unit and we’ll do the rest. MHI UK works as your investment agent. That means we…

  1. 01

    Manage and enter into agreements with the local authority

  2. 02

    Purchase the mobile homes at a discount

  3. 03

    Manage the receipt of rent from the local authority

  4. 04

    Manage administration of any tenant issues with the local authority

  5. 05

    Manage repairs and maintenance – at no additional cost

  6. 06

    Manage the bespoke insurance cover for the mobile homes

  7. 07

    And, most importantly, make the monthly guaranteed payments to you, the investor.

The Process

  • Investment Schedule: Number of Units

  • Tenant Waiting List (confirmation of assistance by council)

  • Unit Built and Delivery to Site

  • Tenant Rent Payments (collection by managing agent)

  • Investor Returns

  • Maintenance (by managing agent)

  • Reinvestment for Term 2 or Sale of Unit at Residual Value

In More Detail

MHI UK enjoys great association with some of the most renowned names in the business as well as individuals with vast industry knowledge and experience.

  • Investment cost per unit: The plan provides a six-year investment opportunity starting with an investment of £28,000.00 to purchase a unit (subject to tier of investment).
  • Residual value: The mobile home has a Residual Value of £8,000.00 after the 1st six-year period.
  • Term 2 extension: There is no commitment for the 12 year plan but if you’d like to lengthen the original investment return by a further six years you would be required to reinvest £6,000.00 per unit for renovation and fees.
  • Term 1 balloon payment: Should you decide not to continue with the 2nd investment period of another 6 years, we are prepared to purchase each unit at the residual value of £8,000 after the initial six years.
  • Guaranteed rent: Investors will receive a rent of £500.00 per month for a continuous period of six-years, which can be extended to 12 years.
  • Tax allowance: A static residential mobile home unit is considered a depreciating asset which allows a tax allowance of 10% per annum in addition to any personal tax allowances.
  • 6 year returns: At the basic six-year tier for investment, this approaches a £44,000.00 return on an investment of £28,000.00.
  • 12 year returns: The initial investment would be £28,000.00 per unit and the option to reinvest £6,000.00 per unit after six-years (total £34,000) for a return of £72,000.00 over a twelve year unit lifespan.

Operations Insight

MHI UK takes care of the management and operation of the units entirely.

Sourcing tenants for your unit:

  • The investment agency makes a provisional application to the local council on behalf of each prospective tenant requesting the allotment of a required mobile home.
  • A pre-determination letter is subsequently issued by the local council, confirming the tenancy contract as well as the rental income in principal for the respective tenants.

Production and transportation:

  • The manufacturing process occurs once the order to produce the mobile home is placed with the production company. The entire production takes approximately 6-8 weeks.
  • The mobile home is subsequently released and transported to the allocated site as agreed by the council.

Management and payments:

  • Once on site, a final contract is formed between the council and the management agency and the respective tenants are housed in the allotted mobile home.
  • The council remits the agreed monthly rental payment to the management agency.
  • The management agency deducts the maintenance and management fees.
  • MHI UK remits a net monthly amount of £500.00 per unit to each investor – less any transfer fees if applicable.


  • Investors contract for unit (investment tiered options available)

  • Tenant Application and Approval

  • Pre-determination communication from the Local Government Authority and contract with tenant

  • Mobile home manufactured

  • Transportation of mobile home to site and installation

  • Tenant rent received (via Local Government Authority) monthly and investment return payments to the investor

  • Options available to investor at 6 years

    Sale of mobile home for fixed price
    Refurbishment of mobile home for investor for fixed price
    Renegotiation of further investment contract

Production of the Mobile Homes

This investment plan utilises its own supply chain to build the units through its partner factories in Yorkshire.

  • MHI UK’s affiliated manufacturing partners have over 25 years of combined experience through its senior personnel in the professional manufacturing and build of quality static mobile homes at their factories in Hull, East Yorkshire.
  • MHI UK’s existing supply chain allow for build supply to expand to match to demand and has the ability to transport, deliver and site units anywhere within the UK. The MHI UK service allows onsite management of units with dedicated maintenance teams to ensure quality control and customer satisfaction for both investors and tenants via its affiliated partners.