As a veteran of the UK property market, Sharif carries 15 years of valuable real estate experience, from a deep understanding of the landlord/tenant relationship with local authorities to contracts, insurance, mitigation of counter-party risk as well as an extensive insight to the pain points experienced by property investors across the UK.  Sharif is a pillar in the foundation of MH Investments and the value it creates for its clients.

“As a property investor myself, I always wanted an investment solution that would give me peace of mind from the issues of risk and management and still give me a good return.  That’s why the concept of management of rented mobile homes to the council makes so much sense to me.  And because we found a solution for ourselves, we decided to design a product that investors could also gain from too.”

Before MH Investments, Sharif was one of the founders of Tenant Box, a UK rooms for rent concept built to attend to the increased demand for low budget housing in London as a result of the influx of tenants from neighbouring European countries.  He also spent a few years early on in his career in the East African commodity trading markets where he nurtured a strong client base of construction steel distribution businesses, effectively contributing to the infrastructural development of the Kenyan, Tanzanian and Ugandan property markets.