Walid is a results-oriented entrepreneur, innovator and visionary with proven ability to unlock business opportunities and an outstanding record of leadership in the areas of Operations Management, Product Distribution, Commodity Trading, Research and Marketing Tech.

With a hunger for learning more and an unconventional style of building successful relationships, Walid has been able to extend his entrepreneurial journey of experiences into co-creating MH Investments and building a product that not only extends tremendous value to investors but also helps in solving the UK housing problem.

“I consider us a company contributing to a social cause, funded by the people for the people to help solve the housing crises in the UK. We extend the opportunity for everyone to do their part and make sure they get rewarded handsomely for doing so.  We all know there’s nothing more secure than renting your house or flat to the council, but the returns these days just don’t stack up.  At a price of £28,000, our mobile homes create a win-win for both the investor and the council because the rent paid by the council for a mobile home is 1/3 the price they would pay for a bricks and mortar dwelling, while the investor makes very healthy returns.”

Walid has a B.A. degree in Accounting & Finance.